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ROMAN ASKOS of Nico F. Bijnsdorp

Late 1st century AD.  Western Empire.

H= 8.0 cm. D max= 5.0 cm. D rim= 4.4 cm. L= 19.0 cm. Weight 67gr.

Condition: Intact. Incrustation, mainly on interior.

Technique: Free blown. Tooled.

Description: Very thin transparent yellow glass. Bird-shaped body with high funnel-shaped mouth at right angle to body and with  constriction at junction with it. Cracked off and unworked rim at front-end. Elongated horizontal bag-shaped body tapering at rear end to a solid S-curved tail (no aperture). Concave oval base without pontil mark. Tip of tail bears deep vertical tooling grooves.

Remarks: Vessels shaped like an askos (animal’s skin) are relatively rare. The function of the vessel can not be determined. Possibly decorative?

Published: Groen & Rossum 2011, Romeins Glas uit Particulier Bezit, Thermenmuseum Heerlen (NL), p. 135. Christie’s 25 October 2007, No. 133.

Exhibited: Thermenmuseum Heerlen (NL), Romeins Glas uit Particulier Bezit, 29 April – 28 August 2011, No. 270.

References:  Hayes 1975, Ontario Museum, No. 197. Saldern 1974, Hentrich Collection, No. 237 Israeli 2003, Israel Museum, No. 109. Bristol Museum 1976, The Bomford Collection, No. 67. Stern 2001, Ernesto Wolf Collection, No. 43. Arveiller-Dulong & Nenna 2005, Louvre Museum, No.548. Massabò 2001, Exhibition catalogue Albenga (It.), No. 69.

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  1. wynkin said, on July 26, 2021 at 11:05 am

    Amazing to think of what it may have contained.

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