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Roman color-band bottle of Elisabeth & Theo Zandbergen

Roman color-band bottle  RF 57

Free formed flask with piriform body constructed from differently colored ribbons of glass. The dominant colors are various tints of translucent aubergine and bands of white opaque glass.

These flasks were formed by the glassmaker thru selecting strips or bands of differently colored glass putting these together in the desired pattern, fusing these and finally forming the object. As far as I know the exact way of finally forming these flasks from at first a kind of flat slab into a flask is not (yet) known. That the ribbons were picked-up by a layer of plain glass doesn’t seem to be plausible looking at the low weight of the object being 18,6 grams. The pattern shows a kind of swirl in the color bands giving the object a kind of playful effect. The finishing of the outside must have been on the marver to create such a smooth outside finish. Signs of a pontil cannot be found. The cylindrical neck is simply finished by folding it outside in as usual in those days in Italy.

H = 6 cm.; largest ø 2,8 cm.; rim ø 1,5 cm; weight 18,6 gram

Probably; Italy ~ 1st century AC.

Parallels (ao):
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pg. 44 nr. 95 ( 3- 4 juni 1985 Parijs)
– Bijnsdorp, Fascinating Fragility (2010) NFB 137, pg. 92, different colors almost same shape,

– acquired by previous owner in 2005 from dealer in München,
– Auction Gorny & Mosch, nr. 227 lot nr. 94, 17-12-’14.

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