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The Augustinus Collection of Ancient Glass


2nd. half 1st. to 3.rd century A.D.    Isings form 36 H: 8.05 cm  W: 7.21   D-Rim: 7.89 cm  D-Foot: 3.3 cm.


Technique: Free blown; rounded rim, standing ring applied.

Description: Transparant clear glass with a tinge of blue; mouth slightly splaying; rim rounded; body narrowing at one quarter from the rim, widening towards the base; footring pinched in the centre of the concave bottom, visible from inside the glass.

Condition: Complete, intact, unbroken,; slightly iridescent on the underside, weathered, with adhering sand.

Remarks: A variation to the type called Carchesium, according to Sennequier.

Provenance: From a private collection Krefeld, Germany, hence in a private collection in the Netherlands.

Reference: Morin-Jean,1911, form: 98. Isings,1957, form 36b, p.50. Fremersdorf, Die Farblose Glaeser, p. 18, nr 46. Sennequier,1986, p. 48-49, nr. 14. Loeschcke: Slg. Niessen 52, nr: 871,Taf. 46.

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