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English Glass Week (Friday)

Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on April 28, 2017

The English Baluster Wine Glass

Simply the English Baluster is a wine glass with a bowl of various shape and size on inverted baluster stem and base knop, often with a folded foot. The Baluster wine is heavy looking with the bowl about one third of its total size.  It is a large group of the beautiful well-designed glasses. The motif was adopted from Renaissance architecture, and its use began on glasses from Venice made in the early 17th C. They have been made in England from 1676 to modern times. Like the Roemer the Baluster is a classic. These glasses with baluster stems are quite varied in number, shape and arrangements of knops, as well as different forms of bowls.  The size ranges, from large goblets to small wines. They are sometimes made from soda glass but mostly of leaded glass. There are two classes, heavy (first-period baluster) and light (Newcastle glasses) which are smaller in scale with a series of small knops, some flattened. Baluster where also made in the Netherlands and France.



20E Baluster Wine Glass c. 1720

20E Baluster Wine Glass c. 1720

Additional examples from Museums







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