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Roman Jug  of  Hans van Rossum


4th century AD. | Eastern Mediterranean

Size↑13.2 cm | ø 8.7 cm | Weight 196 g


Technique: Free blown, handle and thread applied, tooled

Description: Transparent green glass with similar colored handle. Globular body; wide flaring trefoil mouth; rim rounded in flame, short cylindrical neck, ribbed handle with five broad ribs applied on shoulder, drawn up, making a loop and attached to back of rim. From base to rim of trefoil mouth a medium thick thread of turquoise glass, wound counterclockwise with approximately 27 revolutions. Mouth edge decorated with a coil of turquoise glass. Flattened base, slightly indented. No rest of pontil. Exceptional rare, probably unique.

Condition: Intact, with incredible beauty

Provenance: ex private collection USA Hadji Baba Ancient Art, London. Inventory number 4281 ex June 1986, Superior Galleries (Beverly Hills, USA) ex ancienne collection de Monsieur D(emeulenaere), sold at auction Hotel Drouot, Paris on 3 & 4 June 1985 lot no. 422

Published: Verres Antiques et de l’Islam, Ancienne Collection de Monsieur D., A Kevorkian lot 442

Reference: Fire and Sand, Ancient Glass in the Princeton University Art Museum, A. Antonaras nos. 253 – 25 Roman, Byzantine, Early Medieval Glass, E. M. Stern nos. 90 & 91

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