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Date: 5th century AD | Eastern Mediterranean, Origin: Syro-Palestinian area, Size: ↑7.2 cm | ø 7.3 cm | Weight 50 g

Technique:Free blown, handles, coils and thread applied, tooled

Description: Transparent bluish green glass, globular body decorated with opaque blue coils forming a chain around the body with eight links, a horizontal coil applied over the chain decorations, covering the chain connections. Cylindrical neck, lower part decorated with a thin coil, encircling the neck in four revolutions, followed by a spiral thread left to right in five revolutions to the top. Rim unpolished and of irregular form, a thick coil applied to the rim encircling from right to left in two speeds. Two handles of opaque blue glass, applied on the shoulder, forming a small loop, drawn backwards and downwards and attached to the body. Base slightly indented, pontil mark.

Condition: Intact and clear

Remarks: This decorated flask is rare and only three other and identical examples are known, all found in the Syro-Palestinian area. The resemblance between this flask and its three parallels is so striking that there can be no doubt that all were made in the same workshop.

Provenance: Antiquities Dealer UK 2016

Reference: Archaeological Center Tel Aviv, auction 60, 26 April 2016 lot 280 Glass from the Roman Empire, collection Paul E. Cuperus Laren (NL) 2010, cat. no. PEC058, now part of the collection no. RF#65 of Theo and Elisabeth Zandbergen (NL) Christie’s London, the Plesch Collection of Ancient Glass, auction 28 April 2009 lot  9 Archaeological Center Tel Aviv, auction 28, 24 September 2002 lot 182 Ancient Glass, formerly the Kofler-Truniger Collection, Christie’s London, 5 March 1985 lot 15

PEC058 flask

RF#65 flask

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