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Origin: Most probably Cyprus (Kunina) mid to late 1ste century AC. (Stern)

Dimensions: H = 14,3 cm.; largest ø ~ 8cm.; ø mouth 3,2 cm.; ø support ring 4,6 cm.; weight 66,3 grams.

Description: This charming little jug has a pyriform  shaped body and a short cylindrical neck. The mouth has been folded outward-downward-upward-horizontal resulting in a kind of a collar. The elegant handle has been first set to the body of the object and was then pulled out to the mouth where it was fixed forming a small thumb rest. The handle was pinched to form the 8 ribs. With that decoration the handle has some resemblance with the so called long neck flask from the Hans v. Rossum collection. The juglet has been set on a small support ring being formed from the same paraison as the juglet itself.

Remarks: It’s amazing to see that more or less the same handle decoration developments were going on at very different locations almost at the same time. See again the long neck flask from the Hans v. Rossum collection, coming from the Rhineland and this one most probably coming from Cyprus.

Parallels: – Kunina, Ancient Glass in the Hermitage Collection, 176 pict. 145, pg. 302 nr.243 (Cyprus) (Joop v.d. Groen brought this one to my attention), – Metropolitan Museum of Art N.Y. 91.1.1266, – Ravagnan, Vetri antichi del Museo Vetrario di Murano, pg. 172 nr. 334 (smaller), – Stern, Römisches, byzantinisches und frühmittelalterliches Glas, 10 v.Chr – 700 n.Chr., Sammlung Ernesto Wolf, pg. 95 nr. 32 (13 cm.)

Provenance: – Collection Dr. Josef Mayer, Riefenthaler, Oostenrijk, acquired ~ 1960., – Galerie Günter Puhze.

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