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The Augustinus Collection of Ancient Glass


 Second half of the 3rd. century A.D.   Cologne or Rhineland.  Isings : form 100A .

 H: 19.8 cm  D- body: 7.6 cm  D-mouth: 2.4 cm.

 Technique : Blown into a cylindrical mold; body sloping slightly inwards; cylindrical neck; knocked-off rim, rounded; shoulder slightly sloping; in mold blown standing ring with central concave part; no pontil mark; wheel-cut lines.

Description : Roman bottle with dolphin handles of semi-translucent light yellow colored glass almost opalescent;  handles applied with central holes close to the neck and shoulder: five bands of wheel-cut lines divided into pairs of 3-2-3-2-3, from shoulder to base.

Condition : Unrestored and complete, with circular crack on the body near the shoulder, the four parts, big and small, in place and stable; traces of wear all over body and base; almost no iridescence; isolated small bubbles.

Remarks: Said to have been found in the province of Limburg, the Netherlands. Most likely produced in Cologne or Rhineland. The dolphin-shaped handles are of a strongly shaped abstract form indicating a date in the second half of the 3rd. century A.D. Several examples in the same size from Cologne (RGM), Germany, Nijmegen (Museum Het Valkhof) and Leiden (MvOL), the Netherlands. About the color, Kisa (1906) in general speaks of: ‘Wachsgelb’ or ‘Buttergelb’ (wax-yellow or butter-yellow.) indicating the use of semi-opaque yellow, also in connection to ‘Schlangenfadenglass’ (snake thread glass).

 Provenance : From a private dutch collection.

 Reference:  Kisa 1906: Formentafel C 158;  Morin-Jean 1913: forme 10A; Isings : form 100A , Boeselager 2012: form 54.

Literature: Niessen 1911, 40 no. 399, pl 33; Doppelfeld 1966, 46-7 pl. 63; Fremersdorf and  Polonyi 1984, 92, no 204. D. Whitehouse: Glass of the Ceasars, no 111., from the collection of RGM, p 202.  D. Von Boeselager, Koelner Jahrbuch 45, 2012, p 7-526.


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