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BYZANTIUM FLASK of Elisabeth & Theo Zandbergen, retirees



Origin: Syro-Palestinian end 4th early 5th century AC. (Byzantium?)

Dimensions: H 9 cm.; largest ø 6 cm.; ø mouth 3,5 cm.; weight 54,6 grams.

Flask made from still somewhat transparent greenish glass, which over time got an irisation of different colours. The somewhat pear shaped body narrows down to a quite wide neck. The body of the flask is decorated with for this period characteristic chain like decoration made from bluish glass threads. The glass of the body has been kind of pinched to simulate openings thru which the decorating thread seems to be wound. As extra decoration a bluish glass thread has been applied in the middle of the “chain” decoration. To embellish the decoration two small looped handle like attachments made from blue glass have been added which overlap the chain type decoration.
The neck has been endorsed with quite firm blue glass trails. The somewhat outward rolled mouth of the flask got a firm blue glass enforcement. The bottom is slightly kicked in. No sign of a pontil.

Parallels: A similar parallel can be seen at Hans van Rossum post on this site.
– Arts, A collection of Ancient Glass, 500 BC – 500 AD, pg. 75 nr. 76 (decoration)
– Neuburg, Antikes Glas, nr. 64 (decoration)
– Christies Ancient Glass, formerly the Koffler-Truninger Collection nr.15,
London, April 2009 nr. 9,
– Bayley, Freestone, Jackson and others, Glass of the Roman World, pg. 90, fig. 7.15
bottom left for the more or less similar decoration and handles.

– Archaelogical Center Jaffa (Robert Deutsch) Auction 28 no. 182 (catalogue 2002)
– Cuperus , Glass from the Roman Empire, 2009, nr. PEC 058, pg. 35.

– Cuperus, Glass from the Roman Empire, PEC 058, pg. 35.

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