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Roman Drinking Glass of Elisabeth & Theo Zandbergen 

Roman drinking glass poto by Tom Haartsen

Roman drinking glass photo by Tom Haartsen

Origin: Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus, 3rd  – 4th century AD.

Dimensions:  ­7 cm.; foot ø 4,5 cm.; cuppa ø 8,5 cm.; weight 36 gram.

Drinking glass made from light olive green glass. This free formed glass is, as it looks like, made from one piece (gather) of glass. The hollow stem is “pulled” from the almost cylindrical body of the glass and than splayed out forming the small diameter foot having a rolled in rim. The mouth of the glass is also rolled in and has a very smooth finish. A very small pontil is visible. In the hollow stem a little earth deposit.

Parallels (ao.): – Isings, “Roman glass from dated finds”, pg. 139, Isings form 111, – Thomas Dexel, “Gebrauchsglas” pg. 65, – The Constable-Maxwell collection, Sotheby Parke Bernet, 1979, pg. 59 pict. 86, – Cantz, Römisches, Byzantinisches und frühmittelalterliches Glas, 10 v. Chr – 700 n.Chr, 309 nr. 172, – The collection Engels- de Lange, Frides Laméris Arts and Antiques, pg.24/25

Published: -“De Oude Flesch” nr. 124 (2011), pg. 14, – Catalogue “Romeins glas uit Particulier bezit”, Thermenmuseum Heerlen 2011, nr.60, page 47.

Provenance: – ex collection Niemeijer-Huysse, acquired in 1978 from Frides Laméris, Amsterdam, – acquired by present owners from Archea, PAN Amsterdam.

Exhibited: – Allard Pierson, see movie with Prof. Isings showing this or a very direct parallel of this glass.  – “Romeins glas uit Particulier bezit”, Thermenmuseum Heerlen 2011.

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