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Roman glass flask

Roman glass flask

4th – 5th century AD | Israel, found in the hills of Beit Shemesh

Size↑18.7 cm | ø 5.8 cm | Weight 60 g

Technique: Free blown, thread applied; tooled

Description: Translucent green glass, elegant pear-shaped body, tapering into a long cylindrical neck flaring slightly at the mouth. Funnel shaped mouth with rounded rim, folded outward. Short folded stemmed foot with solid ball knob and small rest of pontil mark. A fine spiral thread wound around the top-part of the neck.

Condition: Intact, spectacular rainbow iridescence

Remarks: To form the neck the glass blower probably used a ribbed hand-held tool of which the traces are still visible.

Provenance: Jerusalem art market, Biblical Antiquities, Jerusalem 2004

Reference: Sotheby’s New York, auction 12 June 2001 lot 156 for an identical example
Verres Antiques et de l’Islam, Ancienne Collection de Monsieur D(emeulenaere) no. 441 (body decorated) , Ancient Glass, Charles Ede Ltd. July 2003 no. 49

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