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DOUBLE-BALSAMARIUM of  Hans van Rossum


 5th century AD | Syro-Palestinian area

Size↑11.7 cm | incl. handle 16.8 cm |ø 3.8 cm (bottom) | Weight 122 g

Technique: Free blown, coils and handle applied

Classification: Stern 2001 type II, Class G-2a

Description: Translucent green glass. Two tubes, side by side, made from single bubble of glass by pinching sides vertically to form diaphragm. Rim folded in and down; wall straight and tapering, then curving in at bottom; base flat. Four heavy folded threads at the corners of the two tubes, made from folded coil, started 2.5 cm above base, and drawn up to rim in five loops, each of which touches body. The decoration is distinctive and of exceptional quality. Coil to make handle applied to top of rim, drawn up and over and down, and reattached to rim on opposite side. Rare.

Condition: In a perfect condition with incredible iridescence

Remarks: Double-balsamaria with four heavy folded threads at the corners frequently have four compartments. A comparable example with two compartments in combination with four folded thread decorations on the corners of two glass compartments is rare.

Provenance: ex American private collection 2003 – 2017

Reference: Les Verres Antiques du Musée du Louvre, Volume II, V. Arveiller-Dulong & M-D. Nenna no. 1317,  Roman Glass in the Corning Museum of Glass, Volume II, David Whitehouse no. 748, Ancient Glass in the Yale University Art Gallery, S. B. Matheson no. 330

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