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Cup with Greek inscriptions and three birds of The Windmill Collection of Roman Glass

4th Century AD, Italy (Magna Graecia)

Size:  H=  4.2 cm                D= 8.4cm

Description:  Free blown cup, semi-transparent colorless glass, wheel-cut and abraded decoration. With a thickened and fire-rounded rim on a straight-walled body and a ridged foot with a pontil mark on the bottom. The wheel-cut decoration on the exterior comprises a band of cross-hatching below the rim above three groups of five oval facets alternating with a bird, formed from tiny horizontal incisions.  The underside of the base  decorated with a Greek double line inscription, PAIDW  (for the little boy or baby) and a vertical palm branch (see drawings). Internal cracks, otherwise intact

Provenance:  P.L.W.Arts collection

Exhibited:  Honig Breethuis Museum Zaandijk (NL) ‘Fascinating luxury from Antiquity’, 12th November 2011-30th January 2012, exp. no 12.

Published:  P.L.W.Arts, A collection of Ancient Glass 2001 no.72

Reference:  Glass from the Ancient World Ray Winfeld Smith collection (bird/palm branch); Constable-Maxwell collection 1979 nr.267; Allard Pierson Museum; N.F.Bijnsdorp nr.076 (engraved amphoriskos with four birds). Nr.071 (double-lined Greek inscription).

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