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Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on October 29, 2017


Remarks: Squat cylindrical bottle of clean light blue glass is free blown with horizontally flanged rim.  The broad handle is combed, bent at a right angle has five sharp ribs applied to the shoulder. There are five wheel-cut incisions around the body. No pontil mark.  The smaller size of this example makes it rarer than the more common larger jug of the same design.

 Condition: Intact and in excellent state of preservation.

Parallels: The Windmill Collection of  Roman Glass #102, Roman, Byzantine and Early Medieval Glass 10BCE-700CE, Hatji Cantz 2001, #39, Fascinating Fragility, Nico Bijnsdorp, 2010, #NFB 066 P.166, Romische Glas Kunst und Wanmabrel, 1999 #28 P.13, Ancient Glass in the Hermitage Collection, Nina Kunna, 1997, P. 173 Cat 233, Ancient Glass: Charles Ede Limited, 2006, #21

Date: Late 1st– 2ndSpec: H: 10cm, D: max 8.5cm, D: rim 6cm, Capacity: 473ml,



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