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BLUE VASE-UNGUENTARIUM WITH BASKET HANDLE of the The Augustinus Collection of Ancient Glass

4th. to 5th. Century A.D.     Kisa form: A7

  ↑ 16.5/10.18 cm | Ø body: 4cm | Ø Mouth :4.85 cm | Ø Foot: 4.05 cm| Weight: 79 g

Technique: Blown into a cylinder-shaped form; with knocked-off and rounded rim; side-decoration and basket handle applied; round, hollow foot ring formed from the body by constriction and rounded; concave base with pontil mark.

Description: Tubular body of light-blue translucent glass, slightly widening at the mouth; knocked-off and rounded rim; applied decoration in the shape of four loops on either side, drawn up from lower part of the body and attached near the rim; basket handle placed at the rim on top of one side-decoration to the other, excess glass folded down; rounded  hollow foot.

Condition: complete, no cracks; elongated bubbles; slight iridescence; weathered to vague transparency; some adhering dust; beautiful condition all over, rare because of the basket handle.

Remarks: According to Whitehouse referring to a similar glass in the Corning Museum, no 741, volume II, ‘an object such as this is unusual in having both the conical foot characteristic of cosmetic flasks and a basket handle that is typical of multi-part cosmetic tubes.’ See also Kunina, 1997, # 414, p 335.

Provenance: Eastern- Mediterranean. From a private Dutch collection. Previously unpublished.

Reference: Spartz, # 143, 33.; La Baume, Cologne, I # D 79;  Liepmann # 130; Von Saldern, Boston,1968, no 56; Hentrich, 1974, # 103, p 95; Hayes, 1975, pp 82-83. Kunina, 1997,# 414, p 335. Whitehouse, 2001, CMG vol II, p 192, no 741.


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