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COSMETIC FLASK of Nico F. Bijnsdorp

The second half of 4th – 5th century AD. (Syro)Palestinian.

H: 13.0 cm. Dmax: 6.8 cm. Drim: 4.3 cm Dbase: 4.2 cm. Weight: 120 gr.

Condition: Intact. Part of thread on lower body lost.

Technique: Free blown and tooled. Thread, zigzag trail and handles applied.

Description: Transparent natural bluish-green glass with aquamarine thread and zigzag trail. Funnel mouth with everted rim, rounded in flame. Elongated bag-shaped body with constriction just above the hollow, pushed-in tubular base-ring. An aquamarine spiral trail wound counter-clockwise in thirteen revolutions around upper body and neck. On the widest part of the body a thick uninterrupted aquamarine thread wound clockwise as a zigzag with seven legs up- and seven legs downwards. Two coil handles arching up from the upper body and attached to the edge of the rim with an extra fold.

Remarks: It is rather unusual that two threads on the same glass are applied in different directions and there is no explanation why this was done. This type of cosmetic flask (also called kohl tube) was a common product of Syro-Palestinian workshops in the fourth and fifth centuries AD. At the same time or slightly later double and quadruple cosmetic tubes, sometimes with elaborate (basket-shaped) handles were produced in large quantities (see NFB 056), (Live Link NFB 121) and (Live Link NFB 334).

Provenance: Aphrodite Gallery, New York, USA. Private collection Massachusetts, USA, 1970’s.

References: Auth 1976, Newark Museum, No. 182. Israeli 2003, Israel Museum, No. 286. Neuburg 1949, Plate XIX 67. Stern 2001, Ernesto Wolf Collection, No. 143. Hayes 1975, Ontario Museum, No. 394.

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  1. Hans van Rossum said, on November 20, 2017 at 6:25 am

    very special, very nice and and very rare Nico.

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