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ROMAN GLASS JAR WITH ZIG-ZAG DECORATION of the The Augustinus Collection of Ancient Glass

| From the 3rd-4th century AD. From Karanis, Faiyum*, Egypt | Kisa: Form: F 376.

Size: ↑ 6.82 cm | Ø body: 7 cm | Ø Mouth : 6.25 cm | Ø Base: 4.52cm| Weight: 99 g  |


Technique: Free blown globular jar with concave neck and slightly outsplayed, rounded rim, base indented with pontil mark; applied with trailing between shoulder and rim.

Description: Transparent yellow-green globular jar with rounded rim, short neck, and slightly concave base. A continuous horizontal zig-zag trail, 6 times up and down, forms a ‘collar’ and connects the rim with the shoulder of the vessel. The trail, in exception to most examples, is pushed against the neck. ***

Condition: Complete, zig-zag trail intact; some weathering and with white iridescence, adhering sand; some pitting and bubbles that are horizontally elongated at the rim; many bubbles are typical for the Karanis-glass in the Faiyoum .**

Remarks: * Harden states that there is no reason to suppose this type of glass was made in the Faiyum itself, for no glass-furnace has been found there and suggests these jars were made in Alexandria (1936, p 39).** Whitehouse remarks: ‘Jars of this type, transparent yellowish green glass with purple streaks and many bubbles, are typical of the glass from Karanis in the Faiyoum (CMG II, p 162, no 687).*** A clear, virtually unweathered and very balanced example, with the collar placed very close to the neck, is in the Allaire Collection, (40R Roman Glass Zig-Zag Jar. Link)

Provenance: Most likely from Karanis, Egypt.  From a private Dutch collection. Unpublished before.

Reference: Kisa, 1908, Form F 376. Harden, 1936, p 179, no 493. Hayes, p 115, no 442. Auth, 1976, p 223, no 474/ p 141, no 179. Barag, 1976, p 199, fig 97, no 30, from Beth She’arim, Israel. Whitehouse, 2001, vol. II, pp 161-162, no 687. Stern, 2001, Roman, Byzantine and Early Medieval Glass, Ernesto Wolf Collection, no 120

( Two  pictures, view from the top and view from the base on the next page below)


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