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SQUARE BOTTLE of Hans van Rossum

Mid-1st – 2nd century AD | Northwest provinces of the Roman Empire, probably Italy

Size↑12.0 cm | ø 8.2 cm | Weight 154 g

Technique: Free blown, handle applied

Classification: Isings 1957 form 50a | Fleming 1999 handle typed. MS 5254 | Morin-Jean 1977, form 14

Description: A bottle of transparent bluish-green (blaulichgrün) glass with an almost cubic body, short cylindrical neck, as if sunken into the sloping shoulder. Flaring mouth, rim folded outward and inward. Flat bottom, rest of pontil; massive short two-ribbed strap handle applied on the shoulder and attached to the neck, just below the rim at right angles. No pontil.

Condition: Intact, some weathering

Remark: There are two ways of making these bottles, the mold-blown bottles are the more numerous, others were free blown and flattened by pressure on the sides and the base. The mold-blown bottle is usually of rather thick, bluish-green glass often with a base decorated in relief, the other variety has thinner walls. The free-blown variety mainly occurs in the Mediterranean area’ (Isings 1957). This example is free blown and has a weight of 154 grams. Similar square bottles, but mold-blown, weigh twice. The rim of most specimens is folded inward and pressed flat horizontally. Most handles are two-ribbed, others are three-ribbed or have a lot of sharp ribs, Isings says.Characteristics of a free-blown square bottle: more rounded, in contrast to a mold-blown example which has sharp edges. The neck of a free-blown bottle is mostly sunken into the sloping shoulder, caused by pressing to make the base flattened. No base mark, also a characteristic for a blown square bottle.

Provenance: collection Schellingerhout, Landgraaf (NL) 1970-1995

Published Venduehuis Zwolle (NL), auction 6 May 1996, lot 1087

Exhibited Museum Simon van Gijn Dordrecht (NL), February 2004

Reference Vetri antichi del Museo Vetrario di Murano, G.L. Ravagnan nos. 273 & 274 (free-blown) Vetri antichi del Museo Civico Archeologico di Padova, G. Zampieri no. 234 (free-blown) Vetri antichi ri raccolte concordiesi epolesane, A. Larese e E. Zerbinati no. 151 (free-blown), p. 186 Vetri antichi del Veneto, A. Larese, CXIII Casalini Vetri antichi del Museo archeologico al Teatro Romano di Verona e di altre collezioni veronesi, G. M. Facchini no. 558 & 559 (free blown) Vetro Vetri Preziosi iridescenze, S. Masseroli p. 161 (free blown)


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