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2nd – 1st century BC. Eastern Mediterranean, possibly Syrian or Cypriote.

H: 14.3 cm. Dmax: 4.2 cm. Drim: 2.1 cm. Dbase: 2.3 cm. Weight 110 gr.


Classification: Grose 1989: Class III:E. Form III:4.

Condition: Intact. Glossy surface.

Technique Core-formed. Rim-disk, handles, pad-base, and threads applied and tooled.

Description: Translucent pale blue ground, appearing black. Opaque white and opaque grayish blue decoration. Translucent green handles. Narrow rim-disk, tooled outward from the neck and sloping slightly inward. Moderately tall cylindrical neck tapering upward and slightly widening downward into a bag-shaped body with rounded carination above the convex pointed bottom. Circular pale blue broad pad-base with rounded edges, flat on the underside. Two tall vertical, S-shaped coil handles in translucent pale green attached to the base of the neck, making a loop and re-attached at the same place, running up along the neck, making a second, larger loop and attached to neck under rim-disk. An opaque white and an opaque grayish blue thread attached to the neck under the rim-disk and wound clockwise in a regular spiral around neck and body to just above the pad-base. Both threads marvered and dragged six times up and six times down to create a feather pattern around two-thirds of the body.

Remarks: The grayish blue color of the thread decoration on a black-appearing background is a very rare combination for this type of vessel. This amphoriskos belongs to the more slender variant of the type compared with the ones with a more rounded (lower) body.

Provenance: Sheppard & Cooper Ltd., London.

Published: Groen & Rossum 2011, Romeins glas uit particulier bezit , p. 18. Christies 3 July 1996, No. 353.

References: Grose 1989, Toledo Museum, Nos. 180-181. Saldern 1968, Boston Museum, No. 2. Hayes 1975, Royal Ontario Museum, No. 38. Stern & Schlick-Nolte 1994, Ernesto Wolf Collection, No. 62. Christie’s 5/6 March 1985, Kofler-Truniger Collection, No. 289. Sotheby’s 7 July 1994, Benzian Collection, No. 32. Lightfoot 2016, Yunwai Lou Collection, No 31.


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