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ROMAN GLASS JUG WITH HANDLE of Elisabeth & Theo Zandbergen

Roman Jug with Handle

Roman Jug with Handle

Small jug, 2nd -3rd cent. A.D.
Picture by Tom Haartsen

A small Roman jug made from greenish glass. The handle has been attached to the shoulder of the flattened globular body with a kind of horseshoe shaped piece of glass. From there pulled up with a small hollow shaped band, approx. 1 cm wide, to the rim of the jug and attached with a elegant curl, a kind of thumb rest. The rim has been turned inward. The base is almost flat with a small indentation. The dimensions give this jug an elegant distinction.

Dimensions:, H: 7 cm.; largest ø 8,5 cm., ø rim 6 cm.; weight 80,7 gram.

Origin: Most probably Western Empire and from the Köln region.

Until now no parallels found.

– Collection Hammelsbeck, Köln, Marienburg 1950 – 1970,
– Numisart München

– Roman Glass from private collections, Thermenmuseum Heerlen 2011.

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