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Roman Glass in Augsburg, Germany

Augsburg in 1550


Augsburg is a city in the south-west part of the state of Bavaria, Germany.  It was founded in 15B.C. by Drusus, stepson of the Emperor Augustus as a settlement, in the area which was occupied by the Vindelicer, a Celtic tribe.  It became a Roman civilian settlement after the withdrawal of the legionaries. In the 3A.D. it was destroyed in raids by the Germanic Alemanni. In 1945 50% of the city was destroyed. After the World War Augsburg was carefully rebuilt to look as it did before. This beautiful city with it 2000 plus years of history has two museums with small glass collections. These collections are important because the glass was found in this area.  The museums are Maximillian Museum and Roman Museum in St. Anthony’s Chapel. Augsburg also has the earliest intact stained glass windows which are figures of the five prophets found in the Augsburg Cathedral, dating from the late 11th century. The glass pictures attached were taken before the renovation of Maximillian Museum. The Roman Museum is set to re-open in 2017.

City of Augsburg

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