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of  the The Augustinus Collection of Ancient Glass

Date: End of the 2nd century – early 3rd century. Isings form: 42d. Size:↑ 2.7 cm | Ø Rim: 6.1 cm | Ø Body : 5 cm | Ø Base: 4 cm| Weight: 49 g  |


Description: Small lightblue bowl with darkblue scalloped rim and darkblue hollow footring. The rim is formed as a cog-wheel with 19 teeth. Seen from above the bowl shows a starlike appearance with a beautifull two-tone light effect. Seen from the side, the foot, body and rim form a straight line with convex components.

Technique: Most likely the body was formed in a mould, where-as the rim and footring were applied and tooled. Hollow bottom with pontilmark.

Condition: Complete, no cracks, some bubbles and sign of time, with heavy golden irisation on the bottom and on the in- and outsides.

Remarks: Isings, 1957, form 42d, speaks of only three datable specimens that are known. Whitehouse, 2001, CMG vol. II, 650, Bowl. 4th-5th c AD. Glass bowls with scalloped flange rims are unusual. Opinions on the date of these bowls have ranged from the first to the fifth century.

Provenance:    From a private dutch collection, previously unpublished.

Reference: Auth, 1976, p176, 245, Persia 9th-10th c. AD (?), Fremersdorf, 1958 vol. IV, Das Naturfarbenes Glas aus Koeln, Tafel 71., Harden, 1936, Karanis, nr. 257, p 111., Isings, 1957, Form 42d, p. 58, end 2nd c. AD., Kisa, 1908, p.799, fig. 320f (not: 320g), Platz-Horster, 1976, p.176, 3rd.-4th. c., Von Saldern, 1974, Slg. Hentrich 125, nr. 164, Whitehouse, 2001, CMG vol.II, 650 Bowl. 4th-5th c AD.


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