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of  the The Augustinus Collection of Ancient Glass


 Date: 4th. century AD  Isings form: 124B  Size: ↑ 12.4 cm | Ø body: 5.81 cm | Ø Mouth : 4.15 x 4.71 cm | Ø Base facet: 3.41cm| Weight: 69 g  |


Technique: Free blown Jug, tubular foot ring applied. Handle and trail around neck and under the mouth applied. Mouth tooled to a trefoil shape.

Description: Late Roman glass jug of the Constantinian era in translucent white and middle-green colour, with globular-ovoid body, cylindrical neck and trefoil mouth, green tubular ring base with pontil mark. Handle applied on shoulder, drawn up and attached to the edge of the rim in a fold. Green trail wound around neck and below the trefoil mouth.

Condition: In fair condition, several stable cracks to the body. Trail around the neck halfway broken off.

Remarks: Lots of adhering sand partly mixed with possibly its original content, for the glass of the body and neck are no longer translucent. There is an irregular contrast to the white semi-transluscent body and the green-coloured neck, as if the technical skill to separate the colours has failed.

Provenance: From a private Dutch collection, previously unpublished. No specific data of provenance known.

Reference: Israel Museum, 73.37.103, 4th. c. | Fitzwilliam museum 1978, no 108c. | Van Rossum 2017, The Collection Dos and Bertie Winkel, Dos82. 4th. c. | La Baume, No D66, Taf 31, 3 | Sammlung Hentrich No 213 | Hayes, No 336. | Kunina 1977, 388, 3rd-4th. c. | Harden, 1936, p 243, No 722.

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