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of  the The Augustinus Collection of Ancient Glass

     Date: End 1st – 2nd century Size: ↑ 10.48, 10.29 cm | Ø body: 5.65 cm | Ø Mouth 5.6 cm | Ø Base facet: 4.87cm  Weight: 51.5 g  | Isings form: 102


Technique: Free blown cylindrical bottle; rim tooled ; with pontil mark.

Description: Cylindrical flask of translucent white glass. Cylindrical body slightly oval-shaped with short widening neck ending in a flaring rim almost as wide as the body. Rim folded out and inward, flattened creating a sunken neck. Concave base with pontil mark.

Condition: Good, complete, no cracks, some bubbles, with little bluish iridecence, some adhering sand.

Remarks: According to Isings, form 102, two varieties do exist: one has a rim folded outward and inward, flattened afterwards. The other has a more funnelshaped mouth, with a rim folded inward and rounded. It usually has a thick coil below the rim. While this version does not have the coil, it has the funnelshaped mouth and can be regarded a mixture of both types.

Provenance: From a private dutch collection, first publication. No specific data of provenance known.

Reference: Equivalent specimens come from: Musée du Louvre, Trier Museum, Cologne Museum, Nijmegen Museum Kam and Princeton University Art Museum, Allaire collection 04R


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