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The Augustinus Collection of Ancient Glass


So called Sidonian amphoriskos of the First century. Eastern Mediteranean

H: 7,45 cm, W: 4,30 cm, Mouth: 2,5 cm

 TechniqueCylindrical neck, ovoid body blown in two part moulds, (Stern:MCTVIII). One continuous mould seam extends across underside of base. Handles applied. No pontil mark.

 Description: Bulbous opaque blue bottle with two dark green handles; some green glass washed down the blue body during production; decoration with a band of scrolls between vertical flutes or tongues.

Condition: Repaired from two pieces, one the corpus, the other an oval crack from neck to mid body, in stable and complete condition.

Remarks: Syro-Palestinian, perhaps from Italy (according to Whitehouse quoting Stern).‘The type itself appears to be a miniature version of a large mould-blown amphoriskos, such as the one bearing the name of Ennion in the Hermitage Museum’ (according to Stern, see Kunina: 1997, p. 27, no: 109).

Provenance: From a private dutch collection.

 Reference: Von Saldern c.s. 1974, p. 147, no: 413-414 Auth, 1976, p. 70 , no: 50.1473 Stern, 1995, p. 152-153, no: 55-56 Kunina,1997, p. 280, no: 139-141 Whitehouse, 2001: CMG vol. II, p. 43, no: 512

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