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 Purple Roman Grape Bottle


The Windmill Collection of Roman Glass

Date: 3rd century AD  Size: H = 14.0 cm Dia = 6.3 cm


Description:  The body of the (light) purple bottle is blown in a three-part mold . The two vertical seams are still visible. Eleven rows horizontally stylized grapes. The pattern is irregular. At the bottom  remains of the pontil. The neck and mouth are free blown, and upon reheating the double edge near the rim became slumped.

Remarks:  This type of grapes bottles was mainly produced in yellow brown, bluish green, the purple color is less common. There are bottles with only rows of grapes, but also with on both sides a grape leaf (slightly earlier date than the first). And other types with one or two handles. The function of this bottle is not entirely sure, probably it has been used as a small wine decanter on the table.

Classification: Stern (1995), Stylized Grape Bottles, series C

Condition: intact

Provenance:  2008 Carlo Perrone-Capano collection

Exhibited: 2011/2012 Museum Honig Breethuis Zaandijk )NL) no. 26

Reference: The Israel Museum (Y. Israeli 2003, no. 414); The Toledo Museum (Stern 1995, no. 128)



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