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Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on June 8, 2018

From the collection of: Elisabeth & Theo Zandbergen

Origin: Probably Egypt, Karanis, ~ end 2nd, early 3rd century AD.

Remarks: A rather rare hemispherical bowl made from green glass. The bowl has a splayed out and upward turned everted rim. The typical flaring base-ring seems to be formed from the same parison. This type of bowl is also shown in fresco’s like the ones in Pompeii, Villa Oplontis, or in mosaic work and then filled with fruits. See Naumann-Steckner “Zerbrechlicher Luxus” pg. 47. There are pictures of even larger ones sometimes filled with glassware. See ie. “Tout feu tout sable, pg. 168/169. The shape of these bowls is mostly based on the Terra-Sigillata ones, see ie.: “Zerbrechlicher Luxus, pg. 46. It’s quite understandable that not too many of these bowls survived as these were kind of common tableware.

Dimensions: H = 7 cm.; largest ø 17,7 cm.; ø bowl 14 cm.; ø foot 6 cm.; weight 135,1 grams.

Parallels (ao.): Arts, a collection of ancient glass 500 BC – 500 AD, pg. 67 nr. 63,Foy & Nenna, Tout feu, tout sable, pg. 168-169, nr. 251, (some resemblance), Zabern von, Römisches Glaskunst und Wandmalerei, pg.26, Saldern von, Sammlung Hentrich, pg. 124 nr. 161, Oliver, Ancient glass in the Carnegie museum, Pittsburg, pg. 91 nr. 132, somewhat larger but almost the same, Gorny & Mosch, auction nr. 194, 14-12-2010, nr. 60; auction nr. 243, 2016 nr. 363, auction nr. 248, 30-06-2017, nr. 440, Castello Viscontea, Locarno, in one of the display cabinets, nr.12, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, acc. 24.2.39.

Provenance: By previous owner acquired from the trade on 15-03-1997, old collection sticker ar.38, Acquired from the estate of the deceased owner Cl., 11-02-2017.

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