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DECANTER WITH RIBS of Joop van der Groen



Roman Empire │ 1st century AD, probably 2nd – 3rd quarter
Size: ↑ 15,6 cm; Ø max. 9,6 cm; Ø rim 3,4 cm. │ Weight: 87 gram

Technique: Mold blown and free blown. Tooled.
Classification: Isings (1957) form 71.
Description: Transparent light aubergine coloured glass. Body first mold blown with ten ribs and then further free blown. Free blown cylindrical neck. Rim folded outward, upward and inward. Base flat, lightly pushed in upward. No pontil mark.
Condition: Intact with iridescence and with some encrustation inside.
Remarks: In the 1st half of the 1st century AD coloured glass was strongly fashionable. Later on in that century bluish-green glass was getting more popular.
Bluish-green is the basic colour of Roman glass. This has been caused because sand (the main element for making raw glass) has been polluted by iron oxide. By addition of some percents manganese oxide in the raw glass the colour changed into aubergine / purple.
Provenance: 2011 Atticard Ltd, London.
Reference: Kunstwerke der Antike (Cahn Auktionen AG Basel), Auktion 7, 03-11-2012, no. 83 ( till 1986 in the private collection of P.M. Suter-Pongratz, Basel, no. 65).
Isings (1957) writes about form 71 “Of this type only a few specimens are known, several of them found at Pompeii (Napels Museum)”.

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