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Roman glass amphora (amphoriskos)


The Windmill Collection of Roman Glass

Date: 1st half 3rd century AD Size: ↑ 10.7 cm  │   Ø 6.3 cm

Description: Free blown dark yellowish amphora (amphoriskos), fairly thick glass, with somewhat stocky body. The long neck (↑ 6 cm) is slightly constricted at the base and flows into a shaped edge. The bulging bottom has a clearly perceptible pontil mark. The two dolphin handles are light green and attached against the neck with an ornate bow.

Remarks: According to a note (sticker on the bottom) by the previous owner this amphora was found in Israel (as well as no. 169 in the Royal Ontario Museum (Hayes). The relatively long neck is characteristic of a bottle from the 1st half of the 3rd century.

Classification:  Isings (1957), form 129 (variant)  Condition: Intact

Provenance: Daniel M. Friedenberg NY (former curator of the Jewish Museum New York)

Reference: Musée du Louvre (Arveiller-Dulong/part II,no.1037; Bonhams auction 5-10-2011 lot no. 215 (with zig-zag decoration);  Royal Ontario Museum (Hayes 1974, no. 169).



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