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Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on August 6, 2018

RIBBED BOWL of Joop van der Groen

Roman Empire | 1st century AD (probably 2nd half)  Size: ↑ 4,8 cm  Ø 16,4 cm | Weight 289 gram


Technique: Cast, pinched and dropped on a mould; rotary-polished on the interior.

Classification: Isings (1957) form 3a

Description: A ribbed bowl in translucent bluish-green glass with 27 ribs with pronounced upper-end that taper downward and continue under the bottom. On the interior polished and four engraved concentric lines. Also polished on the outside of the rim above the ribs.

Condition: Intact

Remarks: Scientific research by Mark Taylor and David Hill indicated how this form ribbed bowl has been made.

Provenance: Atticart Ltd, London

Reference: Römisches geformtes Glas in Köln (Fremersdorf, 1961), pag. 39, Tafel 57, no. 34.444; Antike Gläser – Ausstellung in Antikenmuseum Berlin {Platz-Horster, 1975, nos. 18 – 19; A collection of Ancient Glass 500 BC – 500 AD (Arts, 2000), no. 17;  Histoire du Verre – l’Antique (Slitine, 2005) page 63.


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