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SQUARE BOTTLE of Hans van Rossum

Date: First part of 1st century AD | Roman Empire Size:↑ 7.5 cm | ø 5.0 cm | Weight 38 g


Technique: Free blown and tooled

Classification: Isings form 51a (variant); Vessberg Type Pl. XV no. 5

Description: A bottle of transparent pale green glass with a squat and almost cubic body, long cylindrical neck, as if sunken into sloping shoulder. Flaring mouth, rim folded outward and inward. Original plaster stopper. Flat base; two-ribbed strap handle applied to the shoulder, drawn up attached to middle of the neck at right angles and in a fold, going upward to edge of rim. No pontil.

Condition: In a good condition.

Remarks I: This square bottle is remarkable, not only because of its small height, but also because of the way in which the glass worker attached the handle, first to the middle of the neck as was common for glass production during the early first century, after that it looks like he suddenly realized there was a new and modified technique in attaching the handle to the rim, so his solution was to continue with the handle by making a fold and attaching the end of the glass coil to the edge of the rim, the new ”place to be”. Another rare phenomenon is the sealing of the mouth. Done by using a plaster stopper, originally to protect the liquid of which a rest, now as a dry substance, is still available into the bottle. To see another bottle in Hans’s collection sealed in this way click on this (active link) .

Remarks II: On the top of every side of the body a slight circular impression can be seen which probably is the mark of the use of a hand-held tool, necessary to form and flatten the sides.

Provenance: ex-private collection Beverly Hills, CA-US Sa’di Barakat & Sons, David Street, Old City, Jerusalem. Legally Authorised Dealers, Authorisation No. 195

Reference: Cyprus Collection, Stockholm, Acc. 820 (Vessberg p. 129 – Pl. VI no. 3 & PL. XV no. 5, H = 9.7 cm, Vetri antichi del Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Este, A. Toniolo no. 246,Vetri antichi del Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Adria, S. Bonomi no. 292, Vetri antichi di raccolte concordiesi e polesane, A. Larese & E. Zerbinati no 45,Vetri antichi del Museo archeologico al Teatro Romano di Verona e di altre collezioni veronesi, G. M. Facchini no. 334


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