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From The Windmill Collection of Roman Glass

Date: 2nd – 3rd century A.D. Size: H =14.0 cm    Dia = 10.0 cm


 Provenance: Kölner Münzkabinett, Tyll Kroha, Cologne (Germany)

 Description: Transparent free blown blue-green jug with round body, bulging bottom with barely perceptible pontil mark. The walls  first widening towards the top and then again light raids. The upwards slightly flared neck lies deepened and is further around finished. From the shoulder is an ornate handle with three ribs. First tilted up, horizontally, and then with a double loop (if a thumb rest) on top and against the edge and neck attached.

Condition: intact

Remarks: A jug as this has almost certainly been used when serving of water or wine during the meal (cena) in the dining (triclinium). Along with cups and bowls, the last filled with poultry, vegetables and fruit.

References: Musée du Louvre, nr.553; Verres Antiques et de l’Islam, Collection de Monsieur D. (Loudmer/Kevorkian 1985, nr.477).

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