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Sprinkler Flask (Guttus)

The Augustinus Collection of Ancient Glass



Date: 4th century AD | Eastern Mediterranean | Kisa: Formentafel F347. Size: ↑ 8.1-8.9cm | Ø body:6.65 cm | Ø Mouth : 5.85 cm | Ø Base facet | Weight: 89 g |


Description: Sprinkler of transluscent green glass with almost globular body; cylindrical neck with folded collar rim; two handles and flattened concave base. The two handles of the same colour applied with an affluent amount of glass on the shoulder on opposite sides, drawn up and attached in a fold to the overhanging tubular flange, that was unevenly balanced as the rim was pushed down in the process of rounding, and probably flattening the base.

Technique: Globular body blown into a mould and partly twisted to produce the diagonal lining. Base flattened; cylindrical neck attached after an inner diaphragm was placed at the junction of body and neck. Wide funnel mouth created with a hollow rounded fold.

Condition: Intact and complete. Some vertical, elongated bubbles in the neck. Sand encrusted, with cream-white iridescence.


Ad 1. Joop van der Groen en Hans van Rossum give a rather nice account in dutch language of the 4th. century sprinklers and their history in: Romeins glas uit particulier bezit, p76- 81. Mattrijs Utrecht, the Netherlands, 2011.

Ad 2. Frides Laméris, mentions two sprinklers with collar rims and with three to five feet in their catalogue: Glass with a Divine Touch, p 134-135, no 89 and 90. Amsterdam 2017.

Ad 3. Whitehouse, CMG vol 1, no 297, jar, no 298, Jar with collar rim.

Provenance: From a private Dutch collection, first publication.



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