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The Augustinus Collection of Ancient Glass

↑ 10.4 cm | Ø body: 5.4 cm | Ø Mouth : 4.05 cm | Ø Base facet: 4.0cm | Weight: 5.3 g |

Date: First half of the third century. From: Syro-Palestinian or from Italy.  Isings form: 78b. Morin-Jean: 120.


Description: Bottle in the shape of a male head. Transparent light-green glass. Possibly the portrait of a young Adonis or Antinous as Dionysos. Youthful head with long hair in large soft locks; wide open eyes and large ears. Intact, but repaired at the base; with patches of brown accretion and bluish-white iridescence. Flasks with a single head rarer than the double headed form.

Technique: Mold construction type IV. Body blown in a three-part mold with one visible seam on the left side of the head. Rim and neck free blown. Everted rim folded outward, then rounded. Circular flat base, with depressed circular area on the underside with pontil mark.

Condition: Mostly intact; a part of the base broken off, visible repair; some residue of ointment, on the inside of the side and bottom of the flask, still visible.

Provenance: From a private Dutch collection; previously unpublished.

Reference: Von Saldern, 1974, Glaeser der Antike, Sammlung Erwin Oppenlaender, 464, p171. Stern, 1995, The Toledo Museum of Art, Roman Mould Blown Glass, Chpt III, p201-246. Kunina, 1997, Ancient Glass, no 159, p282. Whitehouse, 2001,The Corning Museum of Glass vol II, no:542, p70.


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