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Roman Glass Trulla

From The Windmill Collection of Roman Glass

Date: Late 1st – early 2nd century A.D. Size: H = 6.7 cm, D = 10.0 cm (rim), 16.6 cm (incl.handle),


Classification:Isings (1957), form 75b

Provenance: Collection David Giles London (UK)

Description: Deep cup of thin yellowish-green color free blown. Handle with streaks of opaque white glass. Wall descends vertically then tapering to flat slightly hollowed base. Short flattish rim with reworked lip. Body decorated with a thin glass thread started from base in 16 revolutions from bottom left to upper right. Long flat horizontal ‘fishtail’ handle attached to lip, made of a drawn-out end, pinched out with pincer-marks on top and bottom, and loose end folded on underside; widening at attachment with lip. No pontil mark present.

Condition: Intact

Remarks: Pans with handles were widely used in the Roman world, serving as ritual objects in religious ceremonies (D.Whitehouse 1997) and in sets of vessels for drinking (Hilgers 1969)

Published: 2008 A collection of Ancient Glass Paul E. Cuperus (NL), 2011 Romeins Glas uit particulier bezit (Van der Groen & Van Rossum, NL)

Exhibited: 2011 Thermen Museum Heerlen (NL), ‘Roman Glass from Private collections’, 29th April – 28th August, expo no. 256

References: Musée du Louvre, no. 36; Hayes, nr,148; Massabo, no. 72; Römisch-Germanisches, Museum Cologne (La Baume no. 232); Lancel (1967), no.196  (with thread decoration); Gallo-Romeins Museum Tongeren (with thread decoration)

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