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The Augustinus Collection of Ancient Glass

Date: 1st to 2nd century A.D. | Isings: form: 42 a/b | Kisa: Formentafel G 417.

Size: ­ 4.4 cm | Ø Mouth : 9.7 cm | Ø Base facet: 6.5cm| ­foot: 1.2 cm | Weight: 69 g  |


Description: Small bell-shaped bowl on heavy foot made of transparent glass; rim everted and folded down with rounded lip; base flat with high footring placed in a conical position, rounded as well; pontil mark visible.

Technique: Free blown, rim everted, pushed down and rounded. with footring made by folding; slight constriction where body and footring meet.

Condition: Complete with no cracks or bubbles, sign of time and adhering sand.

Reference: Whitehouse, CMG vol II, no: 646, p 139, formerly in the Strauss Collection. Bomford Collection, Bristol Museum, no: 98, p 26. Called: a common Mediterranean type.

Provenance: From a private dutch collection, previously unpublished.

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