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(77R) The Allaire Collection


77R Blue Acetabulum

Date: 1st C. AD From: Eastern Mediterranean probably Italy Dimensions: H: 4cm  D: 7cm


Description:  Free blown dark blue glass hemispherical cup with high protruding rim and folded flange. Inside the rim the wall curves in creating a narrow ledge. Base ring no pontil mark.

Condition: Complete with silvery iridescence

References: Glass with a Divine Touch, Frides Lameris Glass and Antiques, 2017, #63, Roman and Early Byzantine Glass, Hans van Rossum, 2011, p. 40, Fire and Sand, Princeton University, 2012, #138

Remarks:  Romans often drank a mixture of vinegar and water and had a special container for this called an acetabulum. This is from the Latin acetum (vinegar) and abulum the suffix denoting a small vessel.   Today the word is used only as a medical term to describe the cup-like shape in your hip that the thigh bone sits in. Usually made of pottery, some in the first Century, as in this example were made of glass and often found in Italian graves.  Below are three examples found on this site.






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