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Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on September 23, 2018

(79R) Aubergine Sprinkler The Allaire Collection

Date: 3rd – 4th Century Height: 8 cm, Diameter: of rim 3.5 cm Condition: Very good


Remarks:This small and delicate sprinkler flask was blown of pale aubergine glass.  The bulbous body is decorated with six vertically pinched ribs tapering off near the bottom of the vessel.  The plain narrow neck splays out at the rim, the thin lip edge turned under. No pontil mark.  It is fairly common to find glass sprinkler flasks with pinched ribs from the Eastern Provinces and many have been classified as pomegranate-shaped. These often show tiny toes protruding from the base.

References: Roman Glass in the Corning Museum of Blass Vol. III, #1155, P.151, Ancient Glass, Charles Ede Ltd, May 1993 #3, Ancient Glass in the Israel Museum, 2003, #279, 280 P. 226, ( live link) Pomegranate Sprinkler from The Augustinus Collection on web site.

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