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The foot on a bowl or vessel has been made almost from the beginning of glass making.  It is both decorative and functional.  In Harold Newman’s “An Illustrated Dictionary of Glass”, the definition of the foot on glass vessels takes up two full pages!  Below a few variations of this are shown.  Wherever you see a parentheses ( ) below it is an active link within this blog for additional information.

(Allaire Collection)

(39R) Egyptian Bowl H: 9cm D: 13cm 4th Century

(24E) English Paneled Bowl H: 3 inches, Dia. 4 ¾ inches 18th Century


(79A) Green Jade Colored Steuben Glass Bowl H: 2 ½ inches 1920s



(24E) English Paneled Bowl H: 3 inches, D: 4 ¾ inches 18th Century


(Hans van Rossum) now in the Arie Dekker collection

Roman footed bowl D: 2nd-3rd century H: 7.3 cm.  D: 9.0 cm. Weight 60 g.

(David Giles)

(Venetian Footed Bow) Venice in the early 1500. Diameter is 28 cm.

(Nico F. Bijnsdorp)

(Roman bowl with diamond-shaped motifs) 4th century AD. Possibly Western Empire. H= 4.4 cm. D over lugs = 11.0 cm. D rim= 8.5 cm. D base= 3.9 cm. Weight 109 gr.


Set of deep Egyptian bowls 5th – 6th century

1. H: 5.8 cm. D max 9.4 cm. D base 5.5 cm. Weight 86 g. 2. H: 7.0 cm. D max: 11.9 cm. D base: 5.5 cm. Weight 94 g. 3. H: 7.0 cm. D max: 13.6 cm. D base: 7.8 cm. Weight 242g.


Roman glass Carchesium D: 3rd -4th century H: 8.2 cm., D rim: 9.8 cm D base: 3.8 cm Weight: 61 g.


Roman bowl with scalloped rim D: 4th century probably Karanis H: 6.4 cm, D max: 15.2 cm D base: 5.6 cm Weight 151 g.


(Elisabeth & Theo Zandbergen)


(Roman green glass bowl) Origin: Probably Egypt, Karanis, end 2nd, early 3rd century AD.

(The Windmill Collection of Roman Glass)

(Egyptian deep bowl) 4th-5th Century AD, Egypt (Fayum) Size: H = 7.7 cm. D = 13.8 cm.

(The Augustinus Collection of Ancient Glass )


(Small Roman glass bowl) D: 1st to 2nd century A.D. Size: ­ 4.4 cm | Ø Mouth: 9.7 cm. | Ø Base facet: 6.5cm.| ­foot: 1.2 cm. | Weight: 69 g.

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