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SQUAT JUG of Hans van Rossum

Date: Late 1st century – 2nd century AD | Roman Empire, probably Eastern Mediterranean  Size↑15.8 cm | ø 15.5 cm | Weight 352 g


Technique: Free blown, handle applied

Classification: Goethert-Polaschek 1977, p. 202 form 120; Morin-Jean 1977 type handle α¹

Description: A transparent bluish-green glass jug, squat spherical body. Cylindrical neck, rim folded out and down, up and out to form a collar with a projecting horizontal ledge.  Bottom slightly indented, no pontil mark. Sets of wheel-engraved lines around the body. Three-ribbed strap handle applied to the shoulder, drawn up and attached to upper part of neck and lower part of rim at right angles; body decorated with four horizontal wheel-cut bands each between two fine lines.

Condition: Intact, areas of weathering

Remarks: Well visible is the line the liquid made in ancient times at the moment that someone placed the jug into the tomb.

Provenance: collection Werner Wollek, Munich, acquired in the 1950s – 1960s

Published: Gorny & Mosch Munich, Auktion Kunst der Antike no. 145, 14. Dezember 2005 lot 39

Reference: a Collection of Ancient Glass 500 BC – 500 AD, P.L.W. Arts no. 43 Römische Kleinkunst Sammlung Karl Löffner, Wissenschaftliche Katalog des Römisch-Germanischen-Museums Köln, Band III, P. La Baume no. 110 Ancient and Islamic Glass in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, A. Oliver Jr. no. 79

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