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The Augustinus Collection of Ancient Glass

                                              Of the 3rd to 4th century AD or possibly later. Morin-Jean form no 43,

Size: ↑ 15.8 cm | Ø body:10.8 x 5.85 cm | Ø Mouth : 5.2 cm | Ø Base facet: 5.3 cm| Weight: 158 g |


Description: Flask of translucent, almost opaque blue glass: lens–shaped circular body; rim out-splayed; long cylindrical neck; two opposed handles, of a slightly different and clearer blue, pulled up from the shoulder towards half way to the neck where they are joined to a glass ring, from where a thread in three windings is brought up to the rim; base flattened and with a (seemingly lost) pontil-mark where there now is a hole.

Technique: Blown into a mold with no decoration. Rim everted and rounded. The handles, ring and rim  were applied in a slightly darker color blue. Susan Auth suggests that the pilgrim-flasks were made by blowing a standard bottle consequently compressing it into a flat-side circle.


Condition: Intact but with a whole in the bottom; very heavy black and white chalky weathering from probably its original content. Analysis proofs that the white substance is a carbonate white lead, (Pb(OH)2), a poison made up in ancient times, also used to conserve and sweeten food. The blue glass itself is iridescent with plenty of elongated bubbles.


Remarks: Neck longer than usual as seen with pilgrim-flasks from the 3rd. to 4th. century. The handles coming together in a ring of glass.  The position of the neck is also a characteristic of this era. Concerning the use of the color opaque-blue, it may be exceptional and belonging to a later date than the 3rd. to 4th. century AD.


Reference: Bomford Collection, Museum of Bristol, no: 64, p 21. 1st century AD; Roemisch-Germanisches Museum Koeln, Glas der Antiken Welt I, D76, Tafel 14,1; Loeschcke, Sammlung Niessen, Nr 1105, Tafel 45; Zahn, Sammlung Baurat Schiller, Nr 202, Tafel 10; Auth, Newark Museum, Nr 459, p 220; Allaire Collection, (active link) #50R, ex Shalom Collection; Charles Ede, London, catalogue #7-49.(Active link) Bijnsdorp Collection 2010, no NFB 170., Hans van Rossum  (active link) LENTOID BOTTLE.


Provenance: From a private dutch collection, previously unpublished;

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  1. Hans van Rossum said, on October 27, 2018 at 1:46 pm

    Titus, wat een bijzonder exemplaar is dit, what a exceptional example of Roman Glass…beautiful!!


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