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Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on November 29, 2018

Date: Late 1st century B.C. – 1st century A.D.

Location: Metropolitan Art Museum, Gift of Pierpont Morgan 1917 (17.194.170

Remarks: This very important and beautiful elegant jug, whose shape imitates that of a metal vessel, shows how quickly the newly founded Roman glass industry mastered its medium.  It represents a transitional phase in glassmaking, when casting, cutting and blowing techniques were used.  The jug’s handle was cold-carved and the base was cut on a lathe, but the body seems to have been blown.  A similar combination of techniques is found on some examples of early Roman cameo glass, notably the British Museum’s Portland Vase.

The techniques casting, cutting and blowing used to make this jug along with its unusual opaque blue color makes it very rare. Below are two other vessels with these similar properties on this blog.

ROMAN OPAQUE BLUE GLASS JUG of Nico F. Bijnsdorp (active link)



OPAQUE BLUE ROMAN GLASS BUD VASE of David Giles (active link)




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