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Gallo-Roman Beaker

115E Gallo-Roman Glass Beaker

H: 11.5 cm
D: 4th –Early 5th Century AD

Gallo-Roman beaker 115E was made in the beginning of the Migration Period in the Western Provinces. The elegantly formed beaker is made of light olive green glass with the conical bottom standing on a flat base ring.  Intact.  Ex: Martin Wunsch collection, NYC.

Ref: David Whitehouse, Roman Glass in the Corning Museum of Glass, Volume 1, #177 P.115, Sotheby’s Nov 20 1987 Lot 133, #81, Memoires de Verre, # 74 P. 40, Verreries Antiques der Musee de Picardie # 319 P. 5

Below is a glass which shows a design change from late Roman to Merovingian. The glass is in The Musee d Archeologie Nationale in St Germain. The museum is a major French archeology museum, covering among other areas Roman and the Merovingian period.

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  1. Rolf Achilles said, on December 29, 2018 at 10:51 am

    You have an amazing site. I have read every one of your magnificently informed entries. For many. years I collected Roman glass but then it went the way of a divorce settlement. Now I collect German ceramics, 1928 – 1938, and some glass, only in orange, from Czechoslovakia. The Art Institute of Chicago has a small display of Roman glass. Thank you for your site. I look forward to many more informed posting in 2019.

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