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(80R) Two Handled Roman Bottle of Allaire Collection

Date: 3rd -4th C.AD Probably from the Eastern Mediterranean Size: Height 16 cm, Weight 230 g

Description: A tall neck bottle with funnel mouth is decorated with two coils and a third placed where the neck meets the body.  Faint diagonal ribs are present on the bulbous body which is angled in at the bottom and finished with a coil ring. It has a pontil mark.  The transparent yellow glass of the vessel is also used for the two applied handles laid on the shoulder and pulled up with a fold over just above the center coil.

Condition: Minor stress cracks, silvery iridescence on the inside and faint iridescence on the body.

Ref: Ancient Glass: The Bomford Collection, 1976, #123, Glaser der Antike, Sammlung Oppenlander, 1976 A. von Saldern, # 665, Roman and Early Byzantine Glass, Hans van Rossum, 2011, P. 172 #HVR141, Histoire du Verre L’Antiquite, Slitine, 2005 P. 85, Fire and Sand, Antonaras, 2012, P.142

This vessel has been cleaned using the method out lined in CLEANING ANCIENT AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL GLASS. Below is the before picture.

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