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(122E) Allaire Collection Tuscan Wine Glass

Description:The glass has a bucket bowl with rounded base with gadrooning (messa stampaura) of twelve ribs.  Around the bowl a colorless thread is wound seven times. The hollow stem consists of two hollow knops with a straight part in between called a spool stem.  Conical foot with folded rim.

Material: Cristallo or vitrum blanchum, Height: 12.6 cm, Diameter of bowl 7.0 cm, Diameter of foot 7.1 cm,

Date: End of the Sixteenth Century, Origin: Tuscany/Venice

Parallels: Fragili Trasparenze: Vetri Antichi in Toscana, Anna Laghi 1990, P. 4, 51 (plain bowl), Elisabeth & Theo Zandbergen glass collection,  Example 20 seen below.

Example 20

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  1. theozandbergen said, on November 5, 2017 at 11:13 am

    Nice posting. See for a comparable glass the section on stem formations (section 9) Great to see 2 almost identical glasses on the site.

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