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Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on March 22, 2019

10E on the left is the French baluster        20E on the right is the English baluster


10E French Wine Glass of Allaire Collection

This French wine glass has a bucket bowl, stem with large bladed or angular knop and high folded foot. Made of soda glass

Height : 13½ cm, Weight: 84.5 g, Date: later part of 18th C,  Reference: Gros & Delettrez 2006 Lot 175


20E English Baluster of Allaire Collection

This is a wine glass with bucket bowl on inverted baluster and base knop, with folded foot. Made of lead glass.  Baluster Wines are a large group of beautiful and well designed glasses.

Date: 1720, Height: 5 ¼ inches (6,25 cm), Weight: 194 g, Reference: Bickerton # 59, Regency # 25


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