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Second half of 1st century AD | Western part of the Roman Empire, probably Italy or Gaul

Size: ↑10.1 cm | ø 11.2 cm | Weight 82 g

Technique: Pattern-blown, handle applied

Classification: Isings 1957 form 37 | Morin-Jean 1977, form 93b

Description: Transparent pale olive green glass. Large straight-walled beaker with a truncated conical and wrythen-molded body, wide mouth with rim folded outward. Strap-handle attached to the upper body. Pushed-in ring base, kicked-in to form a distinctive knob in the center with pontil mark. The direction of the ribs, curving clockwise instead of counterclockwise, as is usual, suggests the mug was the work of a left-handed glass worker.

Condition: Intact, a thin creamy layer of weathering; a hairline-crack at the base

Remarks: ‘Modiolus’ is the diminutive form of the word ‘modius’, which is a grain-measure in Roman times, the equivalent of sixteen sextarii. The sextarius in liquid form was just under one pint. Since glass examples vary so much in size, however, their function is not certain. Auth says that is it more likely that modioli, the plural of modiolus, were drinking vessels or perhaps beer mugs. (Auth 1976). On the other hand, it is hard to drink from a modiolus because the ledge near the rim of many glass modioli which makes themselves unsuitable for drinking or pouring a fluid. A modiolus with wrythen-molded body is rare but when it is done by a left-handed glass worker it makes this modiolus extremely rare.

Provenance: ex-private collection USA 10 May 2004

Reference: The Constable-Maxwell Collection of Ancient Glass, no. 142, different rim Antike Gläser, M. Boosen no. 51 Histoire du Verre l´Antiquité, F. Slitine p. 133, different rim Les Verres Antiques du Musée du Louvre II, V. Arveiller-Dulong & M.D. Nenna no. 32 Boisgirard Maison de Vente aux enchéres Archéologie d´Orient et Art de l´Islam, 4 Juin 2010, lot 17Archaeological Center Tel Aviv, auction 37, 17 April 2006 lot 154

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