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Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on April 29, 2019

Two Prismatic Bottle From The Windmill Collection of Roman Glass

Date: 2nd Century AD Sizes: a. H = 7.8 cm     D = 3.0 – 3.2 cm b. H =  10.3 cm  D = 4.9 cm

Provenance:      Rhineland (Germany)

Description:     Green prismatic mold blown bottles with sunken shoulders,  the smaller one with slightly inwardly formed walls. Free blown cylindrical neck. No handles. Marks are provided on the underside, respectively in a cross and star shape.

Condition:         Both intact with irisation

Exhibited:        2011 Thermen Museum,  Heerlen (Nl), prismatic bottle b.

Remarks:           The majority of prismatic glass bottles have one applied handle. Without they are slightly less common. The (cross) basemark sub. a is described in Foy/Nenna 2006 vol.1 (F-Car 001/003) as being found under bottles from a Roman Villa in Montmaurin (S.W. Gaul)

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