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Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on May 23, 2019

The Roemers and Berkemeyers shown in this post all have stems decorated with smooth spherical prunts.  A prunt is a blob of glass applied to a glass object mostly on the stem.  Usually these prunts have bumps (called raspberry prunts) or have pulled spikes coming out of the center of the prunt.  Smooth spherical prunts on vessels are rarer.

The Berkemeyers were the forerunners of the Roemers.  Made in the 15th C. as short beakers they had a conical shaped bowl attached to an open stem decorated with pulled drops or prunts.

Roemer (Dutch) or Römer (German) is a type of wine or beer glass that evolved in the Rhineland and the Netherlands from the 17th Century.  They have their roots in the Waldglas (Forest glass) particularly the Berkemeyer, Krautstrunk and Nuppenbecher of the later Middle Ages which were produced in northern Germany, the Low Countries and central Europe.  The Roemer style glass is still being produced today.

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