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POINTED UNGUENTARIUM of Joop van der Groen

282. 10-03 (2-TH2)

Roman Empire │ 1st century AD, probably 1st half
Size: ↑ 12,6 cm; Ø max. 2,5 cm; Ø rim 1,9 cm. │ Weight: 74 gram

Technique: Free blown. Tooled.
Classification: Isings (1957) form 9
Descripton: Transparent purple coloured glass. Tall neck, tapering gently inward to the top. Funnel-shaped mouth with a rounded rim. The neck swells slightly to form a small body before tapering to form a point.
Condition: Intact
Remarks: This form has been found in the western and in the eastern part of the Empire. The size can differ very much, from 7 cm up to 22 cm.
The basic colour of Roman glass is bluish-green. This has been caused because sand (the main element for making raw glass) has been polluted by iron oxide. By addition of some percents manganese oxide in the raw glass the colour changed into purple / aubergine.
Provenance: 2001 – 2009 P. Cuperus , Laren (NL), no. PEC045
2001 Jean-David Cahn AC, Basel (SW)
Published: Glass from the Roman Empire (P. Cuperus, 2009)
Reference: Solid Liquid (Fortune Fine Arts Ltd New York, 1999), nos. 85, 86 and 87; The Fascination of Ancient Glass – Dolf Schut Collection (M. Newby & D. Schut, 1999), no. 54;
Vom Luxuxobjekt zum Gebrauchsgefäss – Vorrömische und römische Gläser (Honroth, 2007), nos. 69 and 70; Fascinating Fragility – A Private Collection of Ancient Glass (Bijnsdorp, 2010), no. NFB 022; Roman and Early Byzantine Glass – a Private Collection (van Rossum, 2014), no. HVR 114

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